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Passport Document
Passport Document
Passport Document

Useful-Travel-information | Travelling in the European Union, Documents you will need, you can move freely in Europe. Find out here what you need to know about passports, identity cards and visas. For EU citizens Passport or identity card.

There are no longer any frontier controls at the borders between 22 EU countries. This is thanks to the Schengen Rules which are part of EU law. These rules remove all internal border controls but put in place effective controls at the external borders of the EU and introduce a common visa policy. All EU countries are full Schengen members except for Bulgaria, Cyprus, Ireland, Romania and the United Kingdom. You will therefore need to present a valid passport or ID card to travel to those five countries. Iceland, Norway and Switzerland are also Schengen members but are not in the EU.

When entering or leaving the EU at the external borders you will need a valid passport or an ID card.

It is best to have your passport or ID card when travelling in the EU because you may be required to prove your identity. If public order or national security so require, checks at the internal borders may be carried out for limited periods.

Make sure that any children travelling with you either have their own passport or ID card or are registered on your passport.

Agreements with Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway and Switzerland enable their nationals to be treated in the same way as EU citizens and to travel with just an ID card or passport in the EU.

You will not need a visa for travelling within the EU.
For non-EU citizens

You will need a valid passport.

There are 34 countries whose nationals do not need a visa to visit the EU for three months or less. These include Australia, Canada, Croatia, Japan, New Zealand and the United States. The list of countries whose nationals require visas to travel to the United Kingdom or Ireland differs slightly from other EU countries. If in doubt, check with the nearest consulate of any EU country.

If your visa is from a country fully applying the Schengen rules, it automatically allows you to travel to the other Schengen countries as well. Moreover, if you have a valid residence permit from one of those Schengen countries, it is equivalent to a visa. You may need a national visa to visit non-Schengen countries.

Border officials in EU countries may ask for other supporting documents such as an invitation letter, proof of lodging, return or round-trip ticket. For the precise requirements contact the local consular services of the EU country in question.

More information about visa requirements for non-EU citizens including a list of counties whose nationals require a visa at for travelling in the EU.
Insurance documents

Do not forget your travel, health and to book your travel insurance & documents.

Travel advisories are issued and updated daily by local governments for the safety of their citizens while traveling.
These may be in reference to political issues, or any specific problems travelers should be alerted to when visiting another country.
While doing your research on safety keep in mind that perspective is relative and ultimate it is up to each individual to determine if a country will be safe for them to visit. Be sure to check as many sources as you can when doing your pre-travel research.
The US Department of State is a good place to start:

Overseas travel can sometimes carry the risk of exposure to disease or other health risks. In general it's advised that you stay informed of any precautions or medical requirements for your specific destinations.

Some countries require certain immunizations before allowing entry. In other cases immunization may be requested, but not required. It is always a good idea to travel with a first aid kit containing appropriate medicines and remedies for your specific destination.

Consult your physician before your trip and use the following web sites for accurate updated information:     
USA Center of Disease Control
World Health Organization  
International Travel and Health References

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